This is the most handy app to build Acoustic Diffusers with. It’s user friendly, built for people looking for precise numbers (pieces of wood, its size, width, length, position…) to start the build and not the theory! Everything is well explained if you click the icon at the top right corner. If that doesn’t help, there is an email where you’re able to contact me so you can ask for help.

You’ll be able to build QRD, 2D QRD and Skyline diffusers (more to come in the future).

The app itself tells you:

  1. The specs of the diffuser that you’ve calculated
  2. How much wood you’ll need to order
  3. Informations about every single piece of wood (its sequence number, size, length and count)
  4. Where to place each wooden prism (its sequence number and length for the given position [row, column] )
  5. It even warns you if you’re trying to make a totally bad and not effective diffuser.

You don’t need to carry your laptop to your garage or to the place where you’re building your diffuser. Only thing that you’ll need is your phone. The app optimizes the calculated diffuser for the given frequency so it gives you the best possible configuration (at the first calculation). You’re able to change the well/prism width to optimize the size of your masterpiece but the specs of the diffuser are changing too!

With this app, you’re able to save a few thousand dollars building just 1 diffuser! If you have the tools, wood and enough time, why not to make one? Even if you don’t have a studio, make one for your living room, kitchen or any other room. You will be proud of your work and it will be accepted by your wife more than anything else (High FAW (Factor of Acceptance by a Woman) ) .

These are incredibly beautiful looking things and what they’re able to do with the sound is incredible too. The fact that you purchase the app for around $22 and you save even a few thousand dollars is more than enjoyable. You can even sell these things and start making money.

There are a few articles in Slovak language: Article1 , Article2

Also articles writen by me (because of my bachelor thesis): Article1

A full theory overview about diffusers: Coming soon…

A quick video tutorial: