About me

Name: Oliver
Born: 1996
Email: support@diffuser-calculator.com

School: University of Pavel Jozef Šafárik in Košice, Applied Informatics. {This app was also used as my bachelor thesis}

Motivation: I’m an audiophil that never stops chasing the better sound, so I had find out how the acoustics in room works. I bought a plenty of acoustic absorbent foams and started experimenting with the sound in my room. The next thing that I was going to try out was a acoustic diffuser, but it was too expensive so I had to find a different way than purchasing it. After reading a few articles (and books), I decided to make an application to calculate them, so I’ll be able to build them by myself a lot cheaper. But then I realized, that it’s harder than I thought and there is a ton of math and other theoretical parts around them. I had to find something that explains these things and tells me more about the theory. I got hold of book called „Acoustic Absorbers and Diffusers, theory, design and application 2nd edition“ , got in contact with the creator of QRDude windows app, found a few other excellent articles and this was the start of my journey.

Few other words: Excuse me for my English if there are mistakes made in the app or on this page. You should understand everything that I’m trying to explain. If you made a diffuser using this app, feel free to send me pictures about the build. I’ll be glad! IF THERE IS A BUG OR THE APP IS NOT WORKING AS IT SHOULD, PLEASE LET ME KNOW (email address is at the top) AND I’LL TRY TO FIX IT.


  1. Bill Collison (the creator of QRDude), his web page: http://www.subwoofer-builder.com/qrd.htm
  2. Acoustic Absorbers and Diffusers, theory, design and application 2nd edition (Trevor J. and Peter D’Antonio)
  4. The QRD Diffractal: A New One- or Two-Dimensional Fractal Sound Diffusor (D’Antonio, Peter; Konnert, John)